DOCANDO - what is it


     DOCANDO -  is a new, full contact karate style which has emerged from the Eastern schools of karate and fighting. It’s main advantage - versatility. DOCANDO includes a variety of martial art’s trends and techniques such as Karate, Taekwondo, Aikido, Judo, Sanda Wushu, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.


It was founded by SOKE GOR VARDANYAN  in the United States of America (2005). Thus, this style is considered as an American martial art.

Soke Gor Vardanyan was born in 1972. In 1998 he has founded the International Federation of "Full Contact Karate» (IFCKF), until now he is the president of it. In 2006 also was founded a new school of martial arts World Docando Federation (WDF) with a headquarter in Los Angeles (USA). The school is unique in terms of style and teaching methods. Today Gor Vardanyan is the president of WDF and IFCKF.

Annually International Organization «World Docando Federation», under the guidance of SOKE GOR VARDANYAN holds the World Cup and European Championships, as well as competitions, seminars and advanced training courses, which are organized periodically.

 DOCANDO karate - is not only a martial art, but a universal system of knowledge also.
As a self-defense method DOCANDO Karate is unparalleled!

Name "DOCANDO" has the meanings of words"to do"and"can". So, the training process means "strive to achieve a higher level" and "everyone is able to do it."
DOCANDO Karate teaches people of self-control, suppression of own fears, to have a will, to develop self-confidence, endurance, to guide the internal energy.


DOCANDO karate has five directions:

1) combative sports;
2) training with weapon and against it;
3) psychological advantage;
4) self-defense for women;
5) all of the mentioned above together.

 Practicing in DOCANDO karate, you’d develop yourself physically, psychologically and spiritually.

Each student can achieve the highest level of skill - to become a member of the World Federation, to participate in national, European and world championships, pass the qualification and to receive a black belt.

DOCANDO karate is a chance to become better, stronger, wiser and harder - to improve your body and spirit.

Today DOCANDO is actively developing style of Karate worldwide. The accessibility and versatility are the main reasons why this kind of sport is popular internationally. DOCANDO, in fact, may engage any person, regardless of gender and age.


There are two groups of students in DOCANDO teaching system:

    Student level DOCANDO - Docando Student Level (DSL);
    Master level DOCANDO - Docando Master Level (DML).


 Docando Student Level (DSL)

It includes four levels and eight different color belts.


DSL     1) Beginner Level:

-10 DSL - white belt;
- 9 DSL - white and yellow belt;
- 8 DSL - yellow belt;
    2) Low level:
- 7 DSL - orange belt;
- 6 DSL - purple belt;
    3) Average level:
- 5 DSL - green belt;
- 4 DSL - blue belt;
- 3 DSL - brown belt;
      4) High level:
- 2 DSL - red belt;
- 1 DSL - red and black belt.



Master level DOCANDO - (Black Belt) Docando Master Level (DML):










-1 DML - black belt 1 grade  I
-2 DML - black belt 2 grade  II
-3 DML - black belt 3 grade  III
-4 DML - black belt 4 grade  IIII
-5 DML - black belt 5 grade  IIIII
-6 DML - black belt 6 grade  IIIIII
-7 DML - black belt 7 grade  IIIIIII
-8 DML - black belt 8 grade  IIIIIIII
-9 DML - black belt 9 grade  IIIIIIIII
-10 DML - black belt 10 grade  IIIIIIIIII


Competition rules: all punches and kicks are allowed (except elbow and knee hits in the capture), captures up to 3 seconds, besides you can use throws. Points are awarded for the technique allowed by the rules.

 DOCANDO Competitions include two series of battle:

"Point Contact" - the fight lasts for 2 minutes, it will be stopped and rated after first technically correct exercise, pre-term winner would be appointed if there would be a gap in 6 points between the participants.
 "Continue contact" - the fight lasts for 2 minutes. It is long-term fight, it will be stopped only in case one of the opponents broke the rules, points are awarded by side referees. The winner is the participant with higher points.


DOCANDO in Ukraine


Was founded by Gevorg Badalyan  in 2014, he is President of Ukraine Federation DOCANDO.

Gevorg Badalyan  - World Champion (2001), a black belt, IV DAN (the DLM) international category, «Instructor-Trainer" international category / WDF & IFCKF /, as well as two-time champion and a multiple winner of national championships among professionals, the judge international category / WDF & IFCKF /.
Now in Ukraine DOCANDO Schools opened in Kiev, as well as in other places of the country.
We invite you and your children to become part of the "KARATE DOCANDO", where you will gain not only self-defense skills, but also a strong internal energy, spirit, philosophy and self-confidence. 



 "KARATE DOCANDO" for you!