Docando - Ukraine

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     Official activity of DOCANDO has started in Ukraine in 2014, though the first divisions were opened in Kiev earlier - in 2010.


  The idea to start it in Ukraine belonged to Gevorg Badalyan , he is also the President of the Ukraine DOCANDO Federation.

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Gevorg Badalyan has a lot of experience in this kind of sport, he is the owner of a black belt, III DAN (DLM) international category, "Instructor-Trainer" international category / WDF & IFCKF /, as well as two-time champion and a multiple winner of national championships, world champion in 2001 among professionals, international referee / WDF & IFCKF /.
 Everyone can engage DOCANDO  in Ukraine, as this is a universal form of martial arts. The main features of Docando are technique and practical application, clarity, strength, speed and efficiency.


Children can start with it after the age of 4 years. There is a special technique for beginners for this age group.
Tthere are different age groups of children in Ukraine today:
1). Preschoolers 4-6 years;
2). School children 7-12 and 12-16 years old;
3). 16 and above;
4). Also - self-defense groups for girls and women.


   DOCANDO in Ukraine is widely and actively developed both in Kiev and in other cities. Nine schools are opened and being active in the capital. Four schools were opened in the Kiev region: in Bucha, Vorzel and  Mikhailovka-Rubezhovka.
Federation DOCANDO Ukraine strongly contributes to the wider spread of Karate and DOCANDO. In this regard, recently have started working new schools in Lviv, Zaporizhia and Odessa. Annually - twice a year –there are qualifying exams for students of  DOCANDO schools are held.
The students with their coaches and mentors are physically and mentally prepared for a different level of competition almost ten months of the year. They might be annual school championship and championships of Kiev and the region. Not only DOCANDO students are involved in these competitions, but also representatives of other federations, clubs and directions  are invited.
Each summer DOCANDO Federation of Ukraine invites kids into a camp on the south of Ukraine, as well as abroad. Here students can combine training and recreation on the sea coast.
Pursuing this sport you and your children would be physically evolved and gain harmony between body and soul.