Cup of Kyiv - 2017

KUBOKOn November 26, 2017, the "Open Cup of Kyiv" took place in full-contact karate Dukendo. Thanks to Dukendo's versatility, athletes of various martial arts participated in the competitions, among them: the Dukendo-Kyiv team, the Dukendo-Kyiv Oblast team, the Dukendo-Lvov team, the Lviv Oblast team, the Martial Arts Club "KATSU", "Mix Fight" Club, ANTEY Children's Club of Martial Arts, Federation of Sito-ryu Karate-Ukraine to Ukraine "WOLKA" Club, Traditional Okinavsky Club of Goju-Ryu Karate to "CENTOR", "SATORI LO" School of Martial Arts MITI ", Federation of SIDOCAN-Ukraine and others (more than 250 participants). We thank all the participants and prize-winners of the competition for good performances, festive mood and manifestations of fighting qualities !!! We wish you further successes and victories !!!